Kathleen Engles

Kathleen Engles, Director of Operations, is an independent communications and public relations professional with over fifteen years experience promoting products and services in the healthcare, wellness, non-profit, and hospitality sectors.

Combining her public relations and editorial experience, she has developed targeted content and communications plans that increase brand awareness, garner media attention, and engage and educate audiences.

Kathleen has also held executive positions at two leading PR firms: Nicholas & Lence Communications(Manhattan) and Harrison Edwards PR & Marketing (Westchester County). Prior to launching her own firm, Kathleen was the beauty and health editor for SEVENTEEN, ELLE, and Parenting magazines.

Christopher Greene

Christopher Greene, Director of Development, has a MMus degree in Vocal Performance from Temple University where he also studied conducting with Robert Page. In addition to serving for 22 years as Director of Music at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Jersey City, NJ, he serves as Executive Director of St. Paul’s Center of Caring, a non-profit social service agency that serves the homeless and indigent families of Hudson County, NJ.

He was for 15 years a member of New York Choral Artists, singing with the New York Philharmonic, the American Symphony, the Israel Philharmonic, and other major orchestras, under the batons of Leonard Bernstein, Leon Botstein, Robert Craft, Colin Davis, and Kurt Mazur, among others. As a tenor soloist he has performed in works by Paul Hindemith (Hin und Zurück), Aaron Copland (The Tender Land), Britten (Winter Words) and the major operatic composers.

Greene is keenly interested in the discovery and processes of the ways in which high-level performance of music is integral to the formation of community in depressed urban areas. He is grounded and surrounded in his work by his loving spouse, 6 children and 9 grandchildren.

Wayne Eastwood

Wayne Eastwood is Schola’s Webmaster. How this can be when he is acknowledged nationally as being chronically, persistently, and recurrently without mastery of any kind is a secret lost in the mists of choral lore. There are, however, apocryphal and anecdotal rumors that suggest he was once cornered while looking for the men’s room at one of the Schola concerts and got himself imbroglioed.

Having grown up around computers and having successfully petitioned his PhD committee to allow computer programming to count toward his language requirement, he brags that he was the country’s first bi-illiterate. He did, by chance, go to work for Commodore Business Machines just as they were coming out with the Commodore 64. Convinced he could program their sound chip, Commodore turned him loose with an expense account and a secretary named Fifi. He did manage to get one of his commercials aired nationally, but that check has long been spent.

Eastwood is also the Creative Consultant of the New Music Initiative for Project : Encore, a title long on adjectives and short on salary. And, during the two hours each day he is not nodding off, he is restoring an 1890 Victorian in Ohio.