Program for Beautiful Synergy

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2016-17 Season

In Beautiful Synergy, we turn our attention to the synergy of all things and how, in any intimate relationship, seemingly insignificant events can lead to huge outcomes. This principle, originally from mathematical theory, is popularly known as the butterfly effect and has found application in investigating the huge effect our footprint has on the environment.

Is human ingenuity up to the task of meeting the
energy needs of a global community in a way
that is healthy, vibrant, and abundant?

This concert season seeks to bring awareness both to humanity’s ever-increasing need for, and resourcefulness in producing energy; and to our intensifying awareness of the potential impact of how energy is produced on environmental wellness.


  • Laudes creaturarum (1954), Carl Orff


  • Voices of Earth, (1991) Ruth Watson Henderson
    • Schola Singers, Mt. Olive Concert Choir, Schola Women and Phoenix Voices


  • Immortal Bach (1997), Johann Sebastian Bach; arr. Knut Nystedt
  • Across the Vast, Eternal Sky (2013), Ola Gjeilo


  • Earth Blessing (2011), J. David Moore
  • Erosion (2014), Sid Robinovitch
  • The Steady Light (2003), Reginald Unterseher


  • Draw the Circle Wide (2008), Mark A. Miller
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