Logo: Schola Cantorum on Hudson

A Commitment to Excellence

Founded in 1995 as an independent 501c3, the Schola Choral Arts organization has grown in depth and influence. It performs (as Ember) its full season in both Manhattan and Montclair, NJ, and enjoys international recognition particularly for its work in advocacy of new choral music.

Fundamental to Schola’s core values is the belief that music has a unique power to affect the human heart and soul, inviting each of us to become fully aware, mindful individuals.

It is part of Schola’s mission to extend the role of Art beyond that of its own intrinsic value, leveraging it to bring visibility and expansive thinking to issues of human significance. The areas of social significance selected for full-season thematic exploration are supported by advisory task force activity and podcast promotion.

  • Innovative programming designed to touch lives
  • Leadership through promotion of new music
  • Meaningful engagement with young singers

Listen to Ember and follow Ember’s social mission:

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