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All Things Possible

Saturday, May 20 (NYC) — Sunday, May 21 (NJ)

A Third Way . . . indefinitely renewable

The world needs energy and jobs.

The world needs a healthy environment in which to live.

May we indulge the notion that there is a resource that is more sustainable and indefinitely renewable that will make it ALL possible? No matter the challenge. No matter the obstacles. No matter how
mutually exclusive two needs may appear, we believe there is always a Way —
a Third Way — found in . . . HUMAN INGENUITY.

All Things Possible . . . is a musical encomium to human ingenuity inspired by the patented HiEff Power technology that was the life mission of engineer-inventor Bill Simpkin. It is a testimonial to abundance, a hymn to the courage required to discover our own unique mission, the security needed to support the same in others, and the spirit shown in believing that, for every challenge, there is an answer . . . somewhere. . . .

Repertoire to include:

  • Premieres:
    • Robert Schuneman. “Prophecy” (2015) – written for DSK and Schola on a Dana Gioio poem from Pity the Beautiful — for mixed voices and marimba.
    • Wayne Eastwood.* “Heart, We Will Forget Him” (June 2016) for DSK on the passing of her father. Scored for three-part women’s a cappella voices.
  • Ivo Antognini.* “My Song” (2009), on a text by Rabindranath Tagore.
  • Stephen Paulus.
    • “Embracing All” (2000) – three-movement set on texts by the middle Dutch, female poet/mystic who wrote in the vernacular, Hadewijch II. Scored for piano and mixed voices.
    • “Hymn to the Eternal Flame” (2005), on a text by Michael Dennis Browne.
  • Janet Lanier.* “Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep”† (2007), freely based on a poem by Mary Frye. Scored for four-part men’s ensemble with piano.
  • Philip W. J. Stopford. “Do Not Be Afraid” (2015), on a text by Gerard Markland.
  • Joan Szymko.“River” (2014), on a texts by Native American Elders and Edward Everett Hale.
  • Don Wyrtzen, arranged by Bill Simpkin. “Blessed From Now On” (2016).
  • Harold Arlen, arranged by Gregg Smith. “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Unpublished; performed with the generous permission of Gregg’s widow, soprano Rosalind Reese.
  • Gregg Smith. “Now I walk in Beauty” (1979). Setting of a Navajo Prayer.

* This composer is listed with PROJECT : ENCORE™.

† PROJECT : ENCORE™ has found this work to be of exceptional merit and has included in its Catalog of Contemporary Choral Music.

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