2016-17 Season

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Beautiful Synergy

Saturday, February 25 (NYC) — Sunday, February 26 (NJ)

In Beautiful Synergy, the second concert of the season, we turn our attention to the synergy of all things and how, in any intimate relationship, seemingly insignificant events can lead to huge outcomes, outcomes either monumental or catastrophic. This principle, originally from mathematical theory, is popularly known as the butterfly effect — a butterfly flapping its wings in China today will affect the weather in New York next week — and has found application in investigating the huge effect our footprint has on the environment.

With the collaboration of the wonderful singers from Mt. Olive High School under the direction of Matthew Vanzini, Schola presents two settings of St Francis of Assisi’s “The Canticle of the Sun,” one by Carl Orff (of Carmina Burana fame) and one by Canadian composer Ruth Watson Henderson in a setting for multiple choirs, two pianos, and percussion. From “The Canticle of the Sun” (ca. 1225 BC), St. Francis invites all creatures to join him in glorifying the Creator! From it such popular phrases as “brother sun,” “sister moon,” and “mother earth” have entered out language.

There is more, of course! We hope you’ll join us!

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All Things Possible

Saturday, May 20 (NYC) — Sunday, May 21 (NJ)

All Things Possible is a musical encomium to abundance! Espousing a “both-and” philosophy, environmental health and sustainable energy are seen as complementary and possible, as well as necessary. Included will be Sheena Phillips’ Great Is Life and David Conte’s Dance.