Conducting Scholar

SCH’s Conducting Scholar Program is designed to provide post-graduate training and experience for a choral conductor in the first decade of his/her career. Training and opportunities provided will be designed collaboratively between the Scholar and Schola’s Artistic Director to meet each Scholar’s professional goals.


Conducting Scholars:

  • participate as singing members;
  • have regular duties with sectional rehearsals and/or InReach instruction; and
  • assume leadership of engagement and education programs.


Conducting Scholars receive:

  • half-tuition lessons with Schola’s Artistic Director in such areas as conducting; score study, analysis and interpretation; program design; etc.
  • podium time with SCH;
  • interactive involvement with elements of 501c3 management;
  • introduction to professional conducting circles; and
  • recommendations for applications to professional programs and graduate schools.

Selection Process

Conducting Scholars are selected through an application process based on the following criteria:

  • Written application, to include CV and video evidence of conducting;
  • Recommendations; and
  • Interview with the Artistic Director.

Former Conducting Scholars

Expression of interest can be made at any time to the