In 1999, SCH introduced the Cantorum Young Singers (CYS) program to encourage young people’s life-long involvement with singing. The program was intended to nurture musical and ensemble skills through collaborative experiences between school-age musicians, members of the community, and the SCH membership.

Through a competitive application process, SCH selects a school that demonstrates a lively, well-run choral program for year-long involvement in SCH’s self-produced concert season. SCH’s Artistic Director visits the school during the year to interact with students and their director and to prepare the CYS ensemble for the planned musical collaboration. The number and nature of shared events is arranged with the director of the adopted program. Repertoire is chosen collaboratively by SCH’s Artistic Director and the CYS ensemble director.

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Applications for the CYS program are reviewed in the fall of each year for the following season. Applicants are encouraged to include a recording of live performances, among other materials, when submitting the application. Mail completed application to:

  • Cantorum Young Singers Program
  • Schola Cantorum on Hudson
  • P.O.Box 3914
  • Jersey City, NJ 07303-3914

Former Cantorum Young Singers

For more information relating to the CYS Program, please contact the SCH Artistic Director at or by phone at (888) 407-6002.