2016-17 Season

An Artist’s Perspective

Both-And . . . either-or . . . Unity or Division . . . extremely different life perspectives much a part of our current national discussion. My own spirituality suggests that “all things are possible,” that division, exclusion, or any form of lesser-than or “other-ing,” a term used by The Right Reverend Mark Beckwith, are simply not what is real.

And it is this core perspective of unity from which Schola’s programming emerges. This season we focus on two ideas — sustainable energy production, and sustainable environmental health — that are sometimes viewed as opposing ideas. Yet, need they be? I have reason to believe otherwise.

From our very origins, life has been in a creative interaction: On one side the earth, with all of its myriad life forms living in delicate balance, and one the other, human kind, with our need to live off the earth's bounty and our capacity for disruptive and destructive nature. In all but the most recent sliver of discernible history, humanity and the environment have worked in harmony. Only in the past century and a half have population growth and technological expansion created a need for energy that has sometimes seen us pillaging natural resources in unsustainable, even damaging ways. There exists a natural tension between those concerned with protecting our global health and those focused on various forms of progress. Can health and progress not live in harmony? Read the entire article here.