Season 2017-18

A year-long commemoration of the WWI Armistice centennial

When the War Is Over

Popular images of war heroes and heroics are well known to be but one part of the story. In addition to commemorating the upcoming centennial anniversary of the cessation of “the war to end all wars” (11 November 2018), our full 2017-18 season will highlight the long-term personal, sociological, environmental, even architectural and artistic implications of war.

Making no political statement, the Schola choral arts organization explores the human impact of military conflict, with the advisement of a specially-formed Veterans’s Task Force.

The Season, which is Schola’s 23rd, and the first in which to perform under our new name (to be announced soon!), will kick off with the . . .

John Muehleisen
East Coast Premiere of

John Muehleisen’s oratorio,

But Who Shall Return Us Our Children

A Kipling Passion

Veterans Day weekend, November 11th and 12th.

Interested singers are invited to attend an open read-through of the score, July 10th (Jersey City) or July 31st (Greenwich Village).

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NOTE to Auditioning Singers: The Kipling Passion has three significant solo roles (S, T, B), and numerous smaller solo and small-ensemble roles. When you speak with our Auditions Coordinator (after expressing your interest in auditioning), let her know if you have interest in being heard for possible solo roles.

Change is Coming . . . Stay tuned!

A new time calls for a new approach. After 22 years, Schola Cantorum on Hudson is contemplating a new name for our vocal ensemble. We sing about the meaning of things and our membership shares a deep spiritual curiosity about our existence, whatever our individual beliefs may be: the traditional world religions, yoga, or The Secret. We have worked long and hard to find a name that captures the spirit of the conversations we wish to have with our listeners. We think we are close.

Watch this space for an announcement this summer about the path forward for Schola. We look forward to taking you on this journey with us!